[pct-l] CATRA CORBETT, foxy extreeme endurance babe

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Fri May 4 05:39:11 CDT 2007

So you do remember me.....It is true.....I know it is true.....because you cried out and called me Reiny that night in the hut on top of Mt. Whitney.....no one has ever called me Reiny, you are the only one.
That memory of you crying out Reiny, that night in the hut on top of Mt. Whitney, will forever be ingrained in my mind.
But, untill we meet again some day, that memorie is all that is left of that wonderfull night.

Memories,........sweet memories...........

Thank you for the compliment Catra and had I known you were chasing me I would have let you catch me.

Are you going NOB  or SOB  on your PCT record attempt and how much backpacking experience does Julien have?
I know  ''YOU'' can do it, you are hard core but inside of you there is that sweet and caring foxy little girl.

Good luck, take care and don't ever stop chasing your dream.

JMT Reinhold
Your hopelessly in love with the JMT dreamer
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  Reinhold my love how could I ever forget you.  I chased you for miles but never caught you.  I was always within 6 hours of catching you.
  What a wonderful time we had in the hut on the top of Whitney.  I dream of the day we will once meet again ;)

  I'm really shooting for an overall , unsupported record on the PCT, with my friend Julien from France.  Hopefully all goes well.
  I want to break your unsupported record on the JMT at some point.  We will see how the boys do this Summer at the attempt.
  You are truly amazing and I hope to be just like you when I grow up.  You are one of my idols Reiny.


  Reinhold Metzger <reinholdmetzger at cox.net> wrote:
    Do you remember me......it's me JMT Reinhold.
    We met on a moon lit night in 2004 on top of Mt. Whitney.
    I was sleeping in the Whitney, hut getting ready to start my sub 5
    unsupported attempt of the JMT and you had just finished the first half of                                your JMT yo yo, when you burst in to the hut.
    We both were lonely and needed each other and you were just marvelous that
    night but, soon you were gone and I was left all alone tossing and turning and             calling your name.


    Shortly after midnight, sapped off all my energy, I was speeding down the
    JMT on shaky knees with ''CATRA '' on my mind.
    Needless to say, I was not successful in my sub 5 attempt and finished in 5
    days, 7hrs, 45 min.
    However, I have no regrets and would do it all over again.
    Brian Robinson and I talked about you at the Kick-off and your 2007 attempt
    at the women's PCT record.

    Good luck and hope we meet again on the trail someday.

    JMT Reinhold
    Still dreaming about Catra

    Catra Corbett catrarunner at earthlink.net
    Wed May 2 15:47:08 CDT 2007

    Wish I could of been there but I was running a 50 mile race.
    Well at least I know what everyone looks like so I can say hi along the way.
    I start the PCT May 23rd with a friend we hope to finish in 78 days.
    Yes we will be moving fast but having fun.

  "Lifes a journey not a destination"

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