[pct-l] JMT REINHOLD Kick-off report

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Fri May 4 02:49:35 CDT 2007

Switchback had his pirates roost stacked with all kinds of hiking gear that
he's giving away.  Judging by some of the items, I think..... SWITCHBACK
Ahh, bowls of snicker bars....I love snicker bars.... I load up my pockets.
I meet Elevator in the chow line.  Elevator thru hiked the PCT in 2006 and
is one of several hard core hikers planning to break the unsupported JMT
record next year.  He looks very fit, tall & lean but not all that good
Georgie gives me a bag of snicker bars---bless her little heart---she knows
what I like.
Pygmy was voted the most handsome on the trail and JMT Reinhold was voted
the 2nd most handsome.  By the way, don't mess with Pygmy.  He's very well
versed in the martial arts and was giving demonstrations.
After visiting Switchback & Meadow Ed I came to the conclusion my wife is
not feeding me enough........I  LOOK MALNOURISHED  COMPARED  TO  THEM......I
also spend some time with Brian, Scott & Michelle, Billy Goat, Ground
Pounder, AsABat, and a whole lot of other interesting people.....Ooohhh
yes,....Yogi, I spend some time with Yogi. I have been a secret admirer of
Yogi for some time. Yogi was wearing shorts that really revealed those long
well developed legs. We need more hiker babes like Yogi on the trail to make
the trail a little more interesting & lively.
We have enough homely looking hiker dudes on the trail.
At 10:30, after Deem's & Monte's excellent PCT slide show, I am ready party
and break out my Kaluha.
The old folks in my camp site have other ideas, however, and want to go to
sleep, so I mosey on over to Switchback.
Surely, a ruffian with his reputation will be in the mood for some late
night partying but, after one round Switchback announces its one hour after
the curfew and goes to bed.......I always thought he was a party animal.
So I hook up with ''Funny bone'' and we head to a supposedly wild party
across the ridge by the cabins.
Talking about wild, this was wilder than wild.....bongo drums, guitars,
hiker babes dancing with twirling fire balls and
you name it. Tattoo Joe was there but most important lots of good looking
hiker babes were there.
So I was swinging & singing and drinking my Kaluha until 1:00 AM until I
could swing no more.
Seems like I can't take this swinging after midnight
anymore......Oohhh,...... HOW  I  WISH  I  WAS  60  AGAIN.

Yes, my fellow trail companions, this has been the wildest Kick-off ever and
hope to see you at next years  Kick-off.

JMT Reinhold
Swinger after midnight

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