[pct-l] Switchbacks extreme conditioning regime

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Now you sound like the party animal pirates are known for.
By the way, does your wife know about this?

JMT Reinhold


Switchback writes.........No, I would say, ''Mas Maria''.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

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> Switchback,
> You are trying to bite off to much.
> start out a little slower, select a shorter trail, 1.5 miles is too much
> one day.....you need to gradually build up to it......you could start out
> walking to the refrigerator whenever you get thirsty instead off
> shouting........MARIA........MAS TEQUILA.
> JMT Reinhold
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> One clarification I'd like to make. The Barkley course won this year, not
> me. There were no finishers. I was the only person to complete 4 loops and
> the only person to start the 5th and final loop, so I beat all the humans,
> but at Barkely, that's not the same thing as winning. Since 1986 there
> only been 6 finishers. I'm hoping to be the 7th. Maybe next year.
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> Boy, do I know how Brian feels when you put your all into an expedition.
> Not knowing how it will turn out or even if you will survive.  That is
> exactly how I felt on the 1.5 mile PCT Warner Springs Loop expedition.  I
> shed a few tears, but I made it about 30 minutes behind my trail partners
> back to the golf course snack bar.  That includes my 300 yard hitchhike
> up to the golf course parking lot.
> Say, the doctor told me today that my knees were not too bad.  Now I have
> get the leg muscles checked out and some blood work done.  I should be
> for my Yo-Yo-Yo of the PCT soon.
> Your pal, Switchback the Trail Pirate
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