[pct-l] "should be refridgerated" foods that thru-hikers carry

Pea Hicks phix at optigan.com
Thu May 3 20:41:52 CDT 2007

Brian Lewis wrote:

> Apart from the obvious idea of storing them deep in the pack, I'd appreciate
> any observations about this --- does it boil down to just ignoring the
> recommendation and using this stuff over a long period without
> refridgeration?  Do thru-hikers maybe get together in a store and split such
> items between them? (repackaging in ziplocks or whatever)  Or ... ?

i used lots of "refrigerate after opening" items, and even some "keep 
refrigerated" items, on my thru hike, and generally found them to be 
sufficiently reliable and durable. that being said, i generally bought 
the smaller packages, so that i could consume the contents in one 
sitting. this ends up being more expensive, of course. ie, i liked using 
gallo salami slices for lunch, but i'd buy several 3 or 4 oz packages 
rather than, say, a single 1-pound package. the one time i did do that, 
the salami went rancid after about 3 days. this was in the desert, in 
the heat.

i had similar results with cheese. i always bought packs of small, 
individually-wrapped cheese pieces. those will stay edible for at least 
week or so without refrigeration, though the oil will separate in the 
heat. buying a big block of cheese is doable, but trickier and messier. 
most folks find themselves eating more cheese more quickly than they'd 
like to that way.

as far as items marked "keep refrigerated," i'd always eat this stuff 
the first or 2nd day out, as it will definitely go bad much more quickly.

don't forget, also, that with all of these items, you have alot more 
leeway up north in the fall, when it starts to get cold and you have 
natural refrigeration. i took lots more perishables in washington than i 
did on the rest of the trip.

hope this helps


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