[pct-l] what thru hikers do....

JoAnn M. Michael jomike at cot.net
Thu May 3 12:54:15 CDT 2007

Oh my god...now I see what you were referring to. No way on everything good about life would I ever laugh at such a crude and rude display of total lack of ethics and civility.

I am gong to cc this to the list so there will be no other confusion. And yes, I truly have learned a lesson. I was referring to the original post of "what thru hikers do" by Switchback; just as "Ceanothus" did on "Mon. 30, Apr 2007 13:55:43" I was, in no way, responding to the inexcusable post of April 30th "Mon, 30 Apr 2007 23:25:38". 

I apologize to the entire list if I confused anyone as to which post I was referring. I  had been in the hospital and had surgery on the 27th. Obviously I was not concentrating and obviously (to me) did not read the entire post by who ever in the hell "Hippy..." might be.

With sincere regret to everyone,

are we there yet
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  Your May 2nd "What Thru hikers do......." pct-l post in its entirety:

  >>From someone who, shall we say politely, skips a lot of your posts, this one is hysterical  :)
  >are we there yet

  Whose post were you referring to, JoAnn - Switchback's on April 30th or HippyNotify's on May 1st?
  Take a look and compare them...
  Switchback's:  <http://mailman.backcountry.net/pipermail/pct-l/2007-April/007653.html>;
  HippyNotify's:  <http://mailman.backcountry.net/pipermail/pct-l/2007-May/007658.html>.

  If you thought HippyNotify's post was the "hysterical  :)" one - then I was dead wrong about you; I certainly thought you would have been offended by it as I (and evidently Alec, also) was...

  Later.  Happy trails!!!

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  > Who are you and what are you talking about??
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  >   Hi Alec (and JoAnn),
  >   Alec posted:
  >   >interesting, joann.  aside from being off-topic, i found 
  >   >the post and jokes to be extremely offensive.
  >   JoAnn didn't include any author name or copy of the post she was referring to 
  > - but I'm sure she
  >   was acknowledging Switchback's post from April 30th 
  > (http://mailman.backcountry.net/pipermail/pct-l/2007-April/007653.html)
  >   and NOT the one from "Hippy Notify" on May 1st!!...
  >   That's why one should be sure to note the author and possibly copy part of the 
  > post being referred to - leaves no confusion or misunderstanding whatsoever...
  >   Hope I'm correct...  I'd be willing to bet on it...
  >   Happy trails!!!
  >   Jim

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