[pct-l] Brian Robinson wins Barkley 100 super endurance marathon

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Thu May 3 03:10:28 CDT 2007

Hi gang,
I just thought you might be interested in reading the article and Brian's
report about Brian placing
first in the Barkley 100 super endurance marathon.

Click on the link at the bottom for the Washington Post article and Brian's

JMT Reinhold

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> Well said Brian,
> My sanity has been questioned on more than one occasion.

> It seems we backpackers are afflicted with a condition known in medical
> circles as ''MORONIC  DISORDER'', very frequently associated with long
> distance hiking and probably the result of too many nights at high
> resulting in oxygen deprivation which in turn causes brain cells to
> die.....can be fatal if left untreated.
> Only known cure.....total abstention of high altitude hiking and running.

> JMT Reinhold
> Dr. of  Moronic Disorders

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> Thanks Reinhold,

> It's because we crazy ones understand each other that we all get together
> events like ADZPCTKO.

> Brian

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> Brian,
> It was nice talking to you at the Kick-off and congratulation of winning
> Barkley 100.
> Great article and super human effort on your part.
> I always get amused by the snipe & gripe comments accompanying such
> articles.
> It seems the sour grapes flow freely within the less capable and those who
> do not understand endurance athletes like you.
> It happened when articles about my JMT record and Scott's PCT and Andy's
> Coastal Trail appeared on the PCT-L.

> I say this to the snipers and gripers............"You can stay home and
> watch TV or you can hike the JMT or PCT or run the Barkley 100".

> The TV memories will soon fade away.......the JMT, PCT and Barkley 100
> memories will last a life time.

> Memories,.........sweet memories........

> JMT Reinhold

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> Here's a link to an article about a race that I ran last month. Don't miss
> the audio clips and the slide show.

> artslot

> Enjoy,
> Brian

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