[pct-l] Libido and the Hiker

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Sat Sep 30 19:17:45 CDT 2006

REINHOLD  METZGER  wrote.............Uhhhhh,  Tarvalee,  Please accept my
humble apology.
Trekker4 said you were shy and inhibited, and I had no idea that you are a
sexually liberated
woman, a sex pistol in hiking boots, and every school boys dream.
Had I known,  I would have advised Trekker4 differently.
I will accordingly advice Trekker4 to forget the ROSES, and instead bring
of  VIAGRA  so he does not  wear out on you and, oh yes, a  FIRE
EXTINGUISHER  just in case your tenant is not made out of fire retardant
material.    Uhhh,  Tarvalee,  should he bring anything else?

Uhhh,  Tarvalee,  take my books advice and try it on Mt. Whitney for the
ultimate high.

JMT Reinhold
Author, of soon to be published, '' Sex In The Wilderness,'' how to do it on
the trail, off the trail, in the bushes, in the bivy sack, and 99 other


TARVALEE  wrote------------Good Lord! And you are writing a book as a
supposed expert?
FYI,  I like my fun in the tent, sleeping bag, boulder besides the stream
and where ever, whenever it's possible ( without scaring the wildlife or
getting arrested), but who I'm having fun with is very important. Very
selective, this girl. Particular. Picky. Persnickity when it comes to
Send me some references, Trekker4, that I can check out, and a resume. Then
there will be some tests if you make it through the first screening process.
Whatever you do, don't take any advice
from you know who.

And just in case you are wondering, I am worth it..........HOTTIE......


REINHOLD METZGER  wrote........Awh, shucks, don't take it so hard Trekker4.
Try again a little less brutish and a lot more romance.
Tarvalee is probably just playing hard to get.  You know how it is with shy
girls they don't want to be taken for granted or look like they are easy to
get, you have to romance them for a while.
So if you walk up to her camp site wearing Switchback style black lingerie
and fuzzy pink camp slippers, with a dozen red roses in your hand and knock

TREKKER4   wrote.........Oh, what an awful morning: criticized by Reinhold
for my brutishness and rejected by the lovely   (I'm sure) Tarvalee for my
brutishness - even my Dirty Girl gaiters didn't turn her

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> Trekker 4,
> Don't talk like that to a sweet &  innocent little girl like ''Tarvalee''.
> SEE!!!.......You are making her blush......shame on you, you big brute!!!!
> I can see from your blunt & forward advances you really need to brush up
> polish your method of getting to first base with the girls.
> Obviously you have not been very successful in the past, which would
> your frantic, but unsuccessful search for my book '' Sex In The
> Wilderness.''
> I apologize or not pointing out that ''Sex In The Wilderness'' is a work
> progress and has not yet been published. I can see, however, from the
> interest it has created that I must expend all my energy to completing
> book as soon as possible, so the first edition will be available for the
> class of 2007 kick-off.
> It will be a must for every PCT thru-hiker..... it will be like a
> backpackers bible.....hand in hand with yogi's  PCT Guide Book
> will have all the information to deal with anything that may confront them
> on the trail.
> P.S. Trekker 4,  I think you should apologize to Tarvalee and send her
> roses.
> JMT Reinhold
> Author, of soon to be published, ''Sex In The Wilderness'' how to do it on
> the trail, off the trail, in the bushes, in the bivy sack and  99  other
> ways

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>     Catching up on my emails, I soon discovered that every response to
> Switchback's original Libido and the Hiker post was posted twice. What
> this mean? Deleting the duplicates still left a lot of reading and study,
> but long before I finished my dirty mind had formulated new names for the
> acronym PCT.
>     Bighummel, I sure don't remember any such fine print. Perhaps at your
> next Bylaws Meeting you can change that rule from prudish to purient.
>     When I got to Reinhold's first post, I rushed to my large backpacking
> and outdoor library, over 20 ft worth, assuming he wrote the book Sex in
> Outdoors, found in the Basics section of my library. Alas, that book was
> writen by Buck Tilton (Backpacker Magazine columnist) and Robert Rose, MD
> (to assist in identifying rashes from unknown PCT vegitation, I guess).
> discovering that serious deficit in my library, I rushed to Amazon.com
> checked PCTA first -  see my previous post today) to remedy the defect. A
> title search gave 88 hits, but not Reihold's book; an author search gave 0
> hits. I'm deeply disappointed; perhaps the book is privately published, is
> an ebook, or is too risque for even Amazon; so I trust that Reinhold will
> elighten us as to how to obtain such a classic.
>     I'm quite jealous of those who live in CA, WA, or OR, and can
> and somewhat conveniently, test the various theories put forth recently.
> Those of us living further away can only wait, wonder, and watch? Perhaps
> someone will post videos - off the PCT-L please.
>     Uh, Tarvalee, are you, uh, busy next spring? I can see that you're shy
> and inhibited, but I, would really like to get to know you better; and,
> can I wear my Dirty Girl gaiters to bed?
> Bob "Trekker"
> Big Bend Desert Denizen
> Naturalized Citizen - Republic of Texas

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