[pct-l] Which PCT guidebook would you take?

Marion Davison mardav at charter.net
Sat Sep 30 23:23:17 CDT 2006

For hiking the Sierras, I would add the Tom Harrison High Country maps.
Five of them cover the PCT/JMT section from south of Whitney to No.
Yosemite.  They provide "the big picture", so if you need to bail out or
hike to a trailhead for resupply, you have maps that go all the way out
to trailheads on either side of the range.  The maps are Mt. Whitney
High Country, King's Canyon High Country, Mono Divide High Country,
Mammoth High Country, and Yosemite High Country.  To get even more
Yosemite map, (as an alternative to getting Yosemite High Country)  you
can get the Yosemite National Park recreation map, which covers more
trail with less detail.  Also, the Desolation Wilderness trail map, the
Golden Trout Wilderness Trail Map, and the Emigrant Wilderness trail map
cover more area of High Sierra PCT.  All of these are available at
tomharrisonmaps.com.  I love maps in general and I especially love these
maps for the subtle shading that reveals the topography, the elevation
given at every junction, and the mileage given for every segment.

Billy Goat shared a book management idea at Kickoff a few years back.
He showed how he had separated the Guidebooks, the data book, Yogi's
mini book, and the town guide into  sections.  Then he put together all
the pages from these books that pertained to one section together on a
ring, along with a few pages of plain paper for journal writing.  Then
he put these bundles into the appropriate mail drop boxes and had them
sent to him along the trail.  So at any given time he was only carrying
what he needed for that section.

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