[pct-l] Sonora Pass fall

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I didn't get the original post either;

 Sonora Pass had dangerous sections on both sides when I went through July 
4, l999.  Take an Ice ax and know how to use it.

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>I could not find the original post from Tom. I even went to the archives. 
> let me give my story in on Sonora Pass. Sonora Pass is my favorite pass. 
> It
> was not as exciting as some of the posts that I have been reading by Surge
> and others. But It is one my high lights of the PC .
> First I saw a sign as I was starting my up saying pass will be closed if 
> the
> wind got to I believe 50 miles and hour. If I am wrong correct me. The 
> wind
> must have been pretty close because some decided to go around the pass. I
> wanted to stay on the PC so I went ahead .I found snow on top which was 
> blowing
> in every direction. On top the trail goes into "S" turns and the wind 
> blows up
> one canyon and immediately hits a cross wind from the other side. I  was
> picked me up of my feet thrown about and luckily the snow was  soft . The 
> walk
> down was never ending as I arrived on route 108 I  started to hitch hike 
> down
> and the group that went around just  got out of  a car from hitch hiking 
> up.
> I was picked up by a salesman who had a recording of the song  " Highway 
> 108"
> which was writing by a man who was catch in the pass  and was not able to 
> get
> out and froze to death as the story goes.
> Lonetrail
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