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Please, somebody take crazy reinhold's viagra away

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>> Trekker 4,
>> Don't talk like that to a sweet &  innocent little girl like 
>> ''Tarvalee''.
>> SEE!!!.......You are making her blush......shame on you, you big 
>> brute!!!!
>> I can see from your blunt & forward advances you really need to brush up 
>> and
>> polish your method of getting to first base with the girls.
>> Obviously you have not been very successful in the past, which would 
>> explain
>> your frantic, but unsuccessful search for my book '' Sex In The
>> Wilderness.''
>> I apologize or not pointing out that ''Sex In The Wilderness'' is a work 
>> in
>> progress and has not yet been published. I can see, however, from the 
>> great
>> interest it has created that I must expend all my energy to completing 
>> this
>> book as soon as possible, so the first edition will be available for the
>> class of 2007 kick-off.
>> It will be a must for every PCT thru-hiker..... it will be like a
>> backpackers bible.....hand in hand with yogi's  PCT Guide Book 
>> backpackers
>> will have all the information to deal with anything that may confront 
>> them
>> on the trail.
>> P.S. Trekker 4,  I think you should apologize to Tarvalee and send her 
>> some
>> roses.
>> JMT Reinhold
>> Author, of soon to be published, ''Sex In The Wilderness'' how to do it 
>> on
>> the trail, off the trail, in the bushes, in the bivy sack and  99  other
>> ways
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>>    Catching up on my emails, I soon discovered that every response to
>> Switchback's original Libido and the Hiker post was posted twice. What 
>> does
>> this mean? Deleting the duplicates still left a lot of reading and study,
>> but long before I finished my dirty mind had formulated new names for the
>> acronym PCT.
>>    Bighummel, I sure don't remember any such fine print. Perhaps at your
>> next Bylaws Meeting you can change that rule from prudish to purient.
>>    When I got to Reinhold's first post, I rushed to my large backpacking
>> and outdoor library, over 20 ft worth, assuming he wrote the book Sex in 
>> the
>> Outdoors, found in the Basics section of my library. Alas, that book was
>> writen by Buck Tilton (Backpacker Magazine columnist) and Robert Rose, MD
>> (to assist in identifying rashes from unknown PCT vegitation, I guess). 
>> Upon
>> discovering that serious deficit in my library, I rushed to Amazon.com 
>> (but
>> checked PCTA first -  see my previous post today) to remedy the defect. A
>> title search gave 88 hits, but not Reihold's book; an author search gave 
>> 0
>> hits. I'm deeply disappointed; perhaps the book is privately published, 
>> is
>> an ebook, or is too risque for even Amazon; so I trust that Reinhold will
>> elighten us as to how to obtain such a classic.
>>    I'm quite jealous of those who live in CA, WA, or OR, and can 
>> actually,
>> and somewhat conveniently, test the various theories put forth recently.
>> Those of us living further away can only wait, wonder, and watch? Perhaps
>> someone will post videos - off the PCT-L please.
>>    Uh, Tarvalee, are you, uh, busy next spring? I can see that you're shy
>> and inhibited, but I, would really like to get to know you better; and, 
>> uh,
>> can I wear my Dirty Girl gaiters to bed?
>> Bob "Trekker"
>> Big Bend Desert Denizen
>> Naturalized Citizen - Republic of Texas
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