[pct-l] AL SHAVERS jmt record attempt up-date

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Fri Sep 29 00:20:18 CDT 2006

Al called me from Lone Pine to inform me he is going in for the third time
to attempt to set a new unsupported record for the JMT.
He first went in Sept. 7 but had to bail out because animals got most his
He went back in Sept. 20 but had to bail out again because of foot problems.
He went back in yesterday evening to try a third time.
I'm sure he will be successful the third time around, he is a tremendous
athlete, and after 20 days of acclimation he may very well be the most
acclimated hiker the JMT has ever seen.
Al is a great & likable guy and I am a little concerned about him.
We backpackers go into the Sierra prepared to live in the wilderness with
everything we need no matter what the weather condition.
Trail runners have support teams and therefore don't carry tents, sleeping
bags or sufficient cold weather gear for snow or extreme cold weather
conditions which is always a potential, especially this late in the year.
They have their support teams to lean on.
Al is running it like a trail runner but without a support team.
I tried to reason with him he will not be able to sleep at night without a
sleeping bag and hypothermia
is a real possibility if he encounters stormy weather.
But, Al's mind is programmed like a trail runner.....he is not planing on
sleeping much at all....he will run all night and only cat nap in the day
time at lower elevations so he does not need a tent ,sleeping bag, or as
much cold weather gear.
I ask,  AL,  what if you fall and break your leg or suffer some other
disabling injury at 12000 ft and you get trapped in snow or freezing
The weather forecast is good, but it can turn on a dime in the Sierra.
Like I said I am CONCERNED about AL.

JMT Reinhold

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