[pct-l] Which PCT guidebook would you take?

Frank Dumville fdumville at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 29 00:00:41 CDT 2006


	Neither of those are real on trail guides and are quite different in what
they provide. I'll list what I used in the order of usefulness to me.

1)  The 3 volume set of trail guides, The Pacific Crest Trail: Southern
California; Northern California; Oregon and Washington
These provide a detailed trail description and trail maps. They also have a
little information on where you can resupply. I would consider these
essential guide. I don't think you'll want to carry them the whole way so
you may reconsider your no mail drop plan.

2) Yogi's PCT Handbook
The on trail section of the handbook provides detailed town descriptions.
Also has supplemental information on water sources and areas of the trail
that may present problems. It is also good resource for pre-trip planning.

3) Data Book
Nice to have for tracking progress and planning during the day. It is a
compilation of information from the Guidebooks so it isn't necessary, but
it's very nice to have.

4) John Muir Trail Pack
These are a set of better maps for the Sierra than those provided by the


>   I've seen two different guidebooks that seem worth buying, the PCTA
databook and Yogi's guidebook. Is there a major difference in > the
two--like an outstanding feature that would make the decision
immediately--or is it a matter of preference? As of now, I'm thinking > of
buying the PCTA guide on the basis of weight (I won't be using mail drops.)

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