[pct-l] Which PCT guidebook would you take?

K. Scott Parks scott at delnorteresort.com
Thu Sep 28 23:55:16 CDT 2006


For the purpose of hiking the entire trail, you *must* have the following 3 
books from Wilderness Press:
PCT: Southern California
PCT: Northern California
PCT: Oregon & Washington

These books contain 'directions' and maps and are must haves for the trail. 
With that said, the "PCT Data Book"  is a condensed version of mileages and 
landmarks from the guidebooks. On a long hike you will consult the Data Book 
far more than the guidebooks. Note, it has no maps and is not a substitute, 
but a highly reccomended additon to the above mentioned books

Yogi's book is icing on the cake. It provides even more information that 
will help you in preparing your hike and in the trail towns along the way. 
Make no mistake, it's not an alternative to the guidebooks, just additonal 

Don't buy the books through the PCTA, get them from amazon.com. You'll spend 
$50 for the guidebooks and data book. A $30 savings over the PCTA.

Scott Parks

I've seen two different guidebooks that seem worth buying, the PCTA databook 
and Yogi's guidebook. Is there a major difference in the two--like an 
outstanding feature that would make the decision immediately--or is it a 
matter of preference? As of now, I'm thinking of buying the PCTA guide on 
the basis of weight (I won't be using mail drops.)
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