[pct-l] Sonora Pass fall

Karen Somers kborski at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 28 14:23:08 CDT 2006

There are several alternate ways around Sonora Pass. 
So, if you find yourself headed for that section of
trail and worried that there is a lot of snow and the
trail is treacherous....just study your maps.  You can
drop off the PCT to the east via several side trails
and head down Leavitt Creek to Leavitt Meadows where
you pop out on Hwy 108.  I ended up down there by
accident after getting lost without a map (long
story).  I had to walk back up the highway to regain
Sonora Pass, but in effect, I skipped that steep
section (which wasn't intentional, and didn't matter
as there was little snow when I was there).

There is always a way around anywhere if you look.

As an aside, I did not hike the PCT through Yosemite,
but took an alternate series of trails from Glen Aulin
to Sonora Pass after meeting a '77 thru-hiker in the
Sierras who recommended this more beautiful alternate.
 It was indeed the highlight of my trip and rivaled
anything for grandeur (it went over Burro, Mule, Rock
Island, Buckeye and Kirkwood passes, two of which were
extremely steep, challenging and snowbound).

Nocona (PCT'04)

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