[pct-l] JMT record??

alec amr10009 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 28 12:11:35 CDT 2006

thanks, deems.  your pictures bring back memories.
  last summer my gf and i attempted to break the record
  for the LONGEST completion of the JMT. :)
  i don't think we quite accomplished our goal, but the 27
  days we spent on the trail were heavenly.
  but, looking at your picture of reinhold, i'm reminded of a night
  near the end of our journey at crabtree meadows.  as we were making
  camp, feeling like the wilderness pros we thought we were, a smallish man
  wearing plaid shorts and a fanny pack came trotting by.  we exchanged
  pleasantries and inquired where he was heading.  "yosemite," he said as he 
  shuffled by.
  both cara and i thought that this man was out of his mind (which he may claim
  to be :)  )  220 miles with a fanny pack?!  surely he was some insane daypacker
  with a death wish, right.  
  we had just crossed paths with the famous JMT reinhold.  little did we know
  that this man could spend days teaching us about the intricacies and the ups 
  and downs of this trail.
  the moral of this story is do not rush to judgement about others.  more often
  than not, we are wrong.
  it was an honor to meet you reinhold!

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