[pct-l] Sonora Pass fall

AsABat AsABat at 4Jeffrey.Net
Wed Sep 27 21:18:51 CDT 2006

Thanks for sharing the story. I know we can all learn from it.

However, I must respectfully but strongly disagree with the request to close
the trail when snow covered. There are already enough rules in the
wilderness, and enough closures because some bureaucrat thought something
was unsafe. There are no guarantees of safety or rescue in the wilderness.
Many enjoy winter travel. Elevator recently shared how 80% of the southern
Muir Trail was snow covered when he hiked it. I know people who have skied
the Muir Trail in winter. Besides, the guidebook does say about Sonora Pass,
"In early summer the first 1/4 mile of this descent - across steep slopes -
is snowbound and potentially lethal if you fall." 


> -----Original Message-----
> did not know Sonora Pass would be one of the most dangerous
> sections of the entire PCT. In hindsight, I should have looked for an
> alternate and less dangerous section of trail to descend. I did not see
> any
> alternate routes at the time. In the future I would like the PCTA to close
> the steep section of trail on Sonora Pass when it is snow covered. But,
> this
> may be too much to ask.

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