[pct-l] JMT record??

Deems losthiker at sisqtel.net
Wed Sep 27 19:04:25 CDT 2006

Inspirers, legends, and mentors are chosen by  the nameless faces lucky
enough to have met those that influenced their lives in a certain direction.
It could have been for only a minute, a chance encounter, or time spent with
them over many years.  You fell into the chance encounter for me, and with
it came incredible influence, inspiration and an awareness of how
passionate you are for the Muir Trail and how you can run through the Sierra 
with ease!

I remember sitting in camp with Billy Goat in Crabtree Mdws talking about
his and my mentor and inspiration, Eric Ryback. I mentioned to him that I 
feel you
are also a legend, and he poopooed it. Most living legends don't really
appreciate or understand the scope of influence they have upon those that
have had that rare chance encounter to spend time with them and learn from
their experiences. Reinhold also scoffs at his status, but he has the best
of the best runners chasing his record.. Even legends are normal people,
once you get to know them.  Your humility and humbleness is expected..and
appreciated.  Being the "fastest" is only a fleeting momentary reward; being 
and respected as an inspirational person in someone's life lasts a lifetime.

Here's a picture of Reinhold chasing his Sierra dreams..
And one of Billy Goat also chasing his Sierra dreams..

Subject: Re: [pct-l] JMT record??

> I don't deserve all this flattery and buildup.
> You are placing me in a category I don't belong......... 30 years ago,
> maybe?
> There's no question in my mind that any number of our endurance hikers or
> runners could beat my time.  As a matter of fact, AL SHAVER, a super
> athlete, is on the JMT right now trying to break it and if Al does not
> break
> it, JOHN STAMSTAD most certainly will break it next year.
> John is a hall of fame super endurance athlete,  his name is all over the
> internet, who has decided that he wants the unsupported JMT record, and
> John
> always achieves what he sets out to achieve.
> He failed In his 2005 attempt because his shoes fell apart and failed in
> his
> 2006 attempt because he became ill.
> He is going to come back with a vengeance in 2007 because John is not
> going
> to settle for failing twice to beat a 65 senior citizen's time.  He will
> be
> back next year to claim the JMT unsupported record if Al does not claim it
> first.
> It's time to pass on the torch to the younger generation.
> Thank you for your flattering comments but I don't really deserve them
> Deems.
> JMT Reinhold
> Your hopelessly in love with the JMT trail companion

>> All of these personal extreme wilderness endevours are incredible, and
>> almost incomprehensible on mere mortal hiker terms, like mine. I hope
>> Reinhold holds onto his "JMT Unsupported BackpackerRecord" as long as he
>> can; for he is an incredible trail spirit, motivator, challenger, mentor,
>> and is the "JMT Master Hiker".However, with many others hoping to best
>> his
>> time, and place their name in the Sierra history book, inevitably in
>> time,
>> he will shake the hand of the person that bests his JMT hike by mere
>> minutes. I hope that person, emboldens, challenges, and serves as great
>> an
>> inspiriation as the 65 years young Reinhold has been to the Sierra
>> hikers;
>> and that this person will gracefully carry the honor as the holder of the
>> John Muir Trail Backpacker Record, till the next challenger succeeds
>> them.
>> Reinhold, has set the standard so high for the JMT, and engraved his
> spirit
>> and love of the Sierra so deep,  that his name will still be whispered
>> around campfires many decades from now in the Sierra.  "50 years ago
> today,
>> at the age of 63, he ran 50 miles through this Sierra alpine wilderness
>> in
>> one day, chasing his dream".... A living legend..
>> > Sept. 16, 2006  Robert Ellinwood wrote:............In an article by Bob
>> > Cooper, ''Hit the Trail Running,''   Sports Afield, March,  1998 p. 77,
>> > Cooper states, using his part-hike , part -jog,  ''Jim Night''   set
>> > the
>> > 211-mile John Muir Trail speed record of four and one half
>> > days.......................
>> >
>> > -----------------------------------------------------------
>> >
>> > Jim Night's trek was supported,  therefore the unsupported record of  5
>> > days
>> > 7 hrs 45 minutes still stands.
>> >
>> > Jim Night's 1998  4 1/2 day  ''Supported'' speed record for the JMT has
>> > since been bested as follows, with the runners being supported by
> support
>> > teams:
>> >
>> > 2003  BRIAN  ROBINSON..........4 days......7hrs...2 minutes
>> > 2003  PETER  BARKWIN...........3 days...22 hrs...4 minutes
>> > 2004  KEVIN   SAWCHUCK.......3 days...21 hrs...5 minutes
>> >
>> > JMT Reinhold
>> > Your hopelessly in love with the JMT trail companion
>> >

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