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Have you been up the Desert Divide in the fall?  The guide book says that
Cedar Springs is the only "permanent water".  I'm not looking for
guarantees, but I'm also not looking forward to hauling 3 gallons up the
grade.  We've pretty much decided to do the 4 day & your stops look good
for what we're capable of.  Not good news about the toenails - just grew
both big toe nails back.  Guess I'll have to just tie my boots tighter.


Dan LaBrenz

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I have hiked this region many times. I would say that if you do not want to
push to "get this section done", 4 days is a good estimate. If you want to
get in San Jacinto Peak, which I recommend, give yourself 5 days.
There would be many ways to attack this section if you want to do it over a
couple of sessions. The last time I did this hike, it was in one trip over
days. We started mid morning at the 74, we stayed at Cedar Springs the
night, one person left at Fobes Saddle, spent the second night at Little
Tahquitz Valley, another of our party jumped out at the Saddle Junction, we
skipped San Jacinto Peak, stayed the third night at Fuller Ridge Trail
Head/Black Mountain remote camp,  and finished up late afternoon at the 10.
Be prepared for this last day, it is a big downhill walk, I lost a couple
toe nails...
Check out the maps for this hike at
http://www.onthetrail.org/Outdoors/PCT/SectionBx.html , map 2 thru 5. This
is a great trek!
Enjoy your trip, OC

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My son and I would like to get through the Hwy 74 to I-10 sections before
November.  It looks like around 60 miles so we're thinking 4 days without
having to hike at night - any thoughts?  If we do it in two separate 2 day
weekends, what are the best cutout trails and the best way to get back on?
Anyone know of good public transportation to Paradise Cafe on Hwy 74 from
I-10 - my wife is getting tired of being the shuttle bus?

Dan LaBrenz
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Parker - CSS Div.

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