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It's ALL good!

If you run out at The Slide trail- one more bit of advise: When you hike
back up to Saddle J, do it well before mid-day. The face of the slope is
south-facing and heats up real fast. They don't call it "The DEVIL'S
Slide" for nothing... 

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Thanks for the advice.  We're not big mileage guys, so we're probably
going to get ourselves to Saddle Junction & down to Humber Park.  Then
we can go back up to Saddle J the next trip without skipping anything.
That way I can also leave my car at Hwy 74, get picked up in Idyllwild &
go back to get it without much backtracking to make our way back to San

Someone else suggested taking the tram up & doing 1/2 sobo & 1/2 nobo
from Saddle J, but that would be more of an issue (either for my wife
not wanting to drive back & forth to Palm Springs, or my bill for her

Dan LaBrenz


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All depends on your daily mileage. (sounds obvious enough) I've heard
from other's describe the 74 to the end of the Desert Divide as one of
"the hardest sections". I don't know about that. It's a climb, but not
an abrupt climb. After The Borrego, you're eager to get into higher
elevations and REAL TREES as you get up near Palm View Peak.
A little over 27 miles from the 74 to Saddle Junction. Biggest push is
from Fobes Saddle to Apache Peak. If that slows you down, then you can
do it in two days.
Apache Springs is a good place to camp. Water available downhill a bit
from the PCT. Carry enough water to get there, though. There's water
available in a few other spots along the way, but you'll loose time
getting to them.

>From Saddle J, you can camp either at Skunk Cabbage, which is just north
of the "gap" you crest from the Desert Divide and into the basin above
Idyllwild. Or, you can stealth camp near Saddle J.

Of course, the Devil's Slide trail will get you to Idyllwild from Saddle

>From Saddle J, I recommend hiking just a few miles past Fuller Remote to
camp. First because there are a few perches where the views down to the
I-10 are spectacular (night lights from the Morongo Casino are really
cool!), second because you'll want to do the decent to the water
fountain at Snow Creek in one full day of hiking. It's a brutal decent.
I think we should name the big rock next to the water fountain "Blister

So four days from the 74 will get you to the I-10. Another day if you
want to summit San J.

Run outs are:

Fobes Ranch Trail - but that will only get you to a dirt road that takes
you close to the PCT/74- It's useful for emergencies, but it'll make you
There's a trail out towards another dirt road (again- to the 74) from
Spittler Peak.
Once past Spittler, you're committed to Saddle J. You CAN head east once
you're in the basin and get to the tram station and ranger station
quicker than getting to Idyllwild via Skunk Cabbage/Willow Creek/Desert
View trails (all well marked). The tram runs from Palm Springs to Long
After Saddle J, there are a couple other run-out trails- Deer Springs to
Idyllwild, Marion Mountain to the highway north of Pine Cove, Seven
Pines which will get you to the highway further north and downhill from
Pine Cove and finally, there's the dirt road out of Fuller Remote which
heads west out to the same highway. After Fuller remote, it's all
downhill eastward to Snow Creek.

The trail past Live Oak Spring (7 miles north of the 74) continues, I
think, down to a dirt road that will lead to Palm Springs I walked down
it a couple miles when I camped at Live Oak Spring. But if you're
looking for an emergency run out- you're better off heading back to the

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Sprout & I are trying to get through the San Jacintos (Hwy 74 to I-10)
before November.  Is it do-able in a 3 day weekend, or are we going to
2 or 3 two-day weekends?  If we do multiple weekends, what are the
best/most convenient off trails?  Anyone know the best public
transportation to Hwy 74 and Banning?  My wife's getting tire of being
the shuttle service.


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