[pct-l] Viewed from A FAR fire Damage Southern C

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The I-10 to Hwy 38 is the next segment I need to hike....and my first available weekend to do so is this one.

It looks as if my entire hike will be through a burn area. I hate that. If it wasn't the PCT, I wouldn't even consider hiking this, but since it is, and since info about the current condition of the trail is of interest to so many, I'm thinking of going up this weekend.

Anyone out there interested in joining me? I've got a shuttle set up, so I can do this solo if necessary.

Couple Questions:

1) Would the trail be visible after such a burn? Will it be obvious among the burn? The sections of burn I've walked so far have generally burned long enough before I walked, that the trail was very obvious. But it would seem that few, if any, have hiked this since the fires.

2) What about water? AsABat's water page indicate 9 possible water sources along this segment, the longest distance between two- Whitewater to Mission Creek is only 6 miles. As of August 1st, many of these have been reported as "flowing well". As I would assume that most of these traditionally dry up by September, the fact that they were "flowing well" as of August 1 may indicate that they may still be flowing enough to rely on?

I'll post all the info I find out when I get back. Should I forward to anyone in particular?

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HIked the Fish Creek Trail to the top of San Gorgonio today.  This trail is parallel to the PCT and had a few views down into Whitewater and Mission Drainages,  Looks like a moonscape from around Coon Creek JO (10 miles South of Onxz Summit) almost down to the bottom.  Could not see the PCT over the ridge but it looked like a very HOT fire so this winter will surely run HAVOC on the tread.
  Talked to Mill Creek Ranger Station and have a number of the wilderness ranger (who I know) and she will probably give us full permission to do some Recon work.  Looking at October 4th or 5th.  Hope to hike from Onxz to Rt 10 in a long day or a quicky bivy overnight and two days.  Will take pictures and GPS to assist the trail Gorillas.

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