[pct-l] Headlights

Corky Corcoran corcoran at corky.cc
Sun Sep 24 15:02:58 CDT 2006

Re:  Headlights for night hiking.

I have to admit to a sort of fetish for headlights.  And since I 
backpack alone a lot, I try to cover my ass in case of every 
eventuality.  I realize that an injury would probably only slow me 
down, not stop me, and I might have to keep going to get help.  As a 
general rule, in the way-back-country if you're alone and can't walk 
out you're dead.

With that in mind I'd suggest one has to come up with what they want 
from a headlamp.  If it is for just around camp, reading, etc., then 
there are some super 3 LED lights available.  These are a superb 
lightweight headlamp.  I purchased 25 of 'em a couple of years ago 
for Christmas presents and they were the best received presents I gave.


A friend has 180 acres on both sides of a river, beaver dams, elk, 
deer and a house not on the power grid.  While there's a generator, 
at night we use these to play cribbage, cook, read, etc.  Very 
nice.  Super for close work, finding small items on the floor, one 
becomes completely unaware of them in about 30 seconds.  They weigh 
with 65 grams 3 AAA batteries and strap.

For hiking with a view to seeing the trail well enough to know where 
someone is not only going but where they're gonna go, I've found the 
more LEDs the better.  I bought one in case I have to hike at night.


It weighs 135 gms with batteries and strap.

Good luck.

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