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Good evening, Monte,

For me the lightest, and overall, most satisfactory headlamp weighs 7.5 
grams, about 0.25 oz.  It is not really a headlamp at all, it is a standard 
Photon Freedom LED light.  It comes with a string loop that has a very small 
plastic slide tensioner, and I snug the string around my forehead for 
walking or while in the sack writing or reading.  For walking I like to put 
the string around the hat brim and let the light rest on top of the brim. 
That way there is no shine of light in my eyes, and I can pull the brim down 
low and still tip my head to aim the light down.

That light comes with a little hat clip, but I much prefer to just use the 
string.  It is one less thing to fiddle with.


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> Hey everyone
> I'm need advise on a very lightweight headlamp to use for night hiking.
> Lighter the better.
> Warner Springs Monty
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