[pct-l] Section C - CA FIRE CLOSURES

Monty Tam metam01 at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 22 17:57:15 CDT 2006

Does anyone know if Vivian Creek trail to the San Gorgorio peak  is open or
will be by October 7th?

Warner Springs Monty

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> I just got done talking with MIll Creek Ranger Station and the Fish Creek
Trail to San Gorgonio just opened yesterday.  She informed me that the PCT
was still closed.     She LOOSELY gave me permission as a PCTA member and
as a  representative for PICKAXE and the trail Gorilla to do a TRAIL
MAINTINANCE RECON.   So anybody keen on doing some RECON hiking - next week.
>   They are still cleaning up the Deep Creek Corridor from the PINNACLE
FIRE with 80% containment and the active fire is in the DC Canyon.  My
guess is that the PCT is probably pretty ripped up but will not be able to
RECON for a while.
>   THIS WINTER WILL probably RUN HAVOCK - both sections are very steep and
a serious water runoff zones.  It will be interesting how much trail will
be left if we have an El nino winter as some are predicating.
>   SB
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