[pct-l] Libido and the Hiker

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Fri Sep 22 16:14:06 CDT 2006

That's right, Switchback.  The JMT is a hotbed.  And we, JMT through hikers
are proud of it
So you better come well armed because the JMT hikers are "hard core"  and
will fiercely defend those liberties.

I will again to the best of my ability answer your objections.

10.  Switchback, Switchback sex does not disturb......it arouses......It may
disturb those who lost it or gave it up long ago.  Don't fight it
Switchback, join it.

11.  Switchback, if you do it right, they will be on cloud nine or in haven
and won't care what you call them.

12.  JMT hikers don't engage in trail town sackings.  We much prefer to do
our sacking in the wilderness at high altitude for the real wilderness
experience as described in detail in my book, "Sex in the Wilderness".

I never do it on my JMT marathon hikes; it saps your energy and as Bill
Clinton said, it makes your knees knock.

Switchback, I hear this kind of argument all the time from guys who gave it
up a long time ago because Viagara
does not do them any good anymore.
Tell me Switchback, does Viagara not work for you anymore?

JMT  Reinhold
Author, "Sex in the Wilderness" How to do it on the trail, off the trail, in
the bushes in the bivy sack & 99 other ways

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reinholdmetzger at cox.net writes:
P.S.  Switchback, you said no sex on the PCT; you said nothing about the
JMT.    So I assume it's okay to do it on the JMT?
SWITCHBACK   writes:

Actually, you bring up a good point.  For years I have heard that the JMT
portion of the PCT is a hot bed (pun intended) of illegal activity.  Just
because it goes on does not mean it is right.  We need a JMT law enforcement
sweep.  All violators must be rounded up and punished.  May be they should
be put in stocks at trailheads for everyone to look at.  You know the hands
and feet stocks.  The embarrassment would be profound.  Unfortunately and
sadly, I would expect to see a lot of PCT-L participants shackled in these

To continue my advice on why PCT hikers cannot be party to sex ....

Tenth, sex disturbs others.  At campsites other hikers are trying to sleep.
There are noise curfews on the PCT.  Tent walls are thin.

Eleventh, sex requires a good memory.  If you misplace a name or mistakenly
use the wrong name of your partner, watch out.  You do not know what trouble
is until you do this.  If this happens in the actual act (saying the wrong
name out loud) you are dead.  The hike is over.  This is a show stopper in
so many ways.  Why take the chance?

Twelfth, wenching and the associated trailtown sacking are frowned upon in
polite society.  These activities can give you a bad reputation.  People
will try to avoid you.  You will be an outcaste.

I hope this helps you to stay focused on hiking and the PCT.  By the way, if
you are caught doing it while on a supported or unsupported JMT record hike,
you could be banned for life from hiking the PCT.  This is one of those fine
print items on the back of your permit.

Your pal, Switchback the Trail Pirate
Mister Manners of the Trail

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