[pct-l] Libido and the Hiker

Tarvalee at aol.com Tarvalee at aol.com
Fri Sep 22 09:22:08 CDT 2006

What an incredible spoil sport you are.  Just because your  prescription to 
Viagra ran out and your wife has  better things to do is no  reason to rain on 
the parade of others.
I don't care about the fine print.  Once I stopped being able to  read it, I 
figured it didn't apply to me.
I, personally, feel a lot of loud, hot animal sex in the morning before  
starting out on the trail is better than a cup of excellent coffee to get my  
motor running at peak performance.  I always get high fives of approval and  
support from anyone close enough to hear us.  And my coffee is always made  when I 
emerge, handed to me with a big grin. "Atta girl," they say. "When that  guy 
wears out on you, give me a call. Need some help taking down your  tent?"
Hikers are wonderfully helpful to each other.

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