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We're big on nuts . . . preferably raw organic nuts, both the kind you can
eat and the ones hiking the trail :o) 

Favorite uncooked breakfast (recommended by friends Jo & Kerry):  rolled
oats, mixed nuts, dehydrated berries, honey, and whole milk power.  Just add
water, and this enjoyable meal lasts for hours.  Optionally, you can heat
the water, but you don't have to cook the oats. 


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I noticed that I have much less energy left at the end
of a hiking day than others appear to have. And that's
not surprising, as I'm 62. So I'm experimenting with
ways to simplify the hiking day - trying to eliminate
as many activities as possible apart from the joy of
walking. And the thing I'm looking at now is food and
food preparation. One of the ways to simplify food
prep is to eliminate cooking. 

I tried Pop-Tarts in 2004. Wretched. Cardboard with
sweetened spray paint. But I have no ideas at all for

What, you might say, is my point? I'm looking for
breakfast and dinner ideas which require no cooking,
none at all. Please let me know what your experience
has been. Have you tried no-cooking-required meals?
And if so, would you do it again - and for an extended



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