[pct-l] Simplifying Meal Preparation

Chris Mills christopher.s.mills at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 12:29:00 CDT 2006

It might be worth checking out
http://www.nutrabio.com/Products/thermoplex_30.htm  I use their thermoplex
shakes for every breakfast while hiking.  Haven't gotten tired of them yet.
Just add water and shake.  You can get them in a ziplock rather than the
pictured plastic bottle, and they custom make them for you so you can
specify how many calories, protein, etc. that you want.  The fruit flavors
are terrible, but the chocolate and cappuccino flavors are great.  I learned
about them from Spur, another thru-hiker who has a shake for breakfast every
day.  He and his wife Ready are finishing the CDT right now.

FWIW, I have no affiliation with the company.
Happy trails,
Hiker 816

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> Greetings:
> I noticed that I have much less energy left at the end
> of a hiking day than others appear to have. And that's
> not surprising, as I'm 62. So I'm experimenting with
> ways to simplify the hiking day - trying to eliminate
> as many activities as possible apart from the joy of
> walking. And the thing I'm looking at now is food and
> food preparation. One of the ways to simplify food
> prep is to eliminate cooking.
> I tried Pop-Tarts in 2004. Wretched. Cardboard with
> sweetened spray paint. But I have no ideas at all for
> dinner.
> What, you might say, is my point? I'm looking for
> breakfast and dinner ideas which require no cooking,
> none at all. Please let me know what your experience
> has been. Have you tried no-cooking-required meals?
> And if so, would you do it again - and for an extended
> hike?
> Thanks,
> J J
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