[pct-l] So You Need A Journal Host, eh?

stillroaming pct at delnorteresort.com
Tue Sep 19 12:23:35 CDT 2006

http://Postholer.Com/journal is the new kid on the block with features that 
Trailjournals, Blogger and Myspace simply don't have. Journals at Postholer 

+ Send journal entries and photo updates via email
+ Spell Checker
+ Fields for extended journal info (daily lat/lon, daily ascent/descent, 
daily min/max temp, people met, etc.)
+ Guestbook
+ Advanced editing features
+ Integrated journal & forum accounts
+ Multiple journal handling that will blow your mind!

Journals at Postholer is for *all* outdoor enthusiasts, thrus, section and 
weekend adventurers. See for yourself, here's a sample journal entry: 

Have fun!
Scott Parks

Trails : http://Postholer.Com
Journals : http://Postholer.Com/journal 

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