[pct-l] Simplifying Meal Preparation

Phil Baily pbaily at webuniverse.net
Tue Sep 19 11:19:04 CDT 2006

Other things that keep well: dried salami, pepperoni. Cheese, especially 
waxed rind cheese, will keep at least 3-4 days. Tortillas (if they have 
preservatives), crackers.

On the other hand, commercial backpacker dinners for 1 or 2 have good 
flavor, calories, and require minimal preparation. Carry a small pot, stove 
and just heat water and eat from bag. Only clean-up is a spoon and fuel use 
is minimal. Cost may be a concern. No matter how tired I am, I can handle 
this minimal effort.


At 09:37 PM 9/18/06, Jim Keener wrote:
>I noticed that I have much less energy left at the end
>of a hiking day than others appear to have. And that's
>not surprising, as I'm 62. So I'm experimenting with
>ways to simplify the hiking day - trying to eliminate
>as many activities as possible apart from the joy of
>walking. And the thing I'm looking at now is food and
>food preparation. One of the ways to simplify food
>prep is to eliminate cooking.
>I tried Pop-Tarts in 2004. Wretched. Cardboard with
>sweetened spray paint. But I have no ideas at all for
>What, you might say, is my point? I'm looking for
>breakfast and dinner ideas which require no cooking,
>none at all. Please let me know what your experience
>has been. Have you tried no-cooking-required meals?
>And if so, would you do it again - and for an extended
>J J
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