[pct-l] Simplifying Meal Preparation

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Good "cold food" suggestions have already been made.  Last year someone
suggested instant mashed potatoes, which rehydrate just fine with only cold
water.  This summer I found I really liked the "Four Cheese" packets of
mashed potatoes, with bacon strips torn up and added (wash your hands first
:).   Light packages of cooked bacon strips which require no refrigeration
are more widely available now.  Once opened, best to eat the whole package
in 2 days, if you can, especially in the heat.  Those bacon strips add a lot
to couscous, also.

Dr Bob

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> Greetings:
> I noticed that I have much less energy left at the end
> of a hiking day than others appear to have. And that's
> not surprising, as I'm 62. So I'm experimenting with
> ways to simplify the hiking day - trying to eliminate
> as many activities as possible apart from the joy of
> walking. And the thing I'm looking at now is food and
> food preparation. One of the ways to simplify food
> prep is to eliminate cooking.
> I tried Pop-Tarts in 2004. Wretched. Cardboard with
> sweetened spray paint. But I have no ideas at all for
> dinner.
> What, you might say, is my point? I'm looking for
> breakfast and dinner ideas which require no cooking,
> none at all. Please let me know what your experience
> has been. Have you tried no-cooking-required meals?
> And if so, would you do it again - and for an extended
> hike?
> Thanks,
> J J
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