[pct-l] After Action Report....

JoAnn M. Michael jomike at cot.net
Mon Sep 18 13:21:20 CDT 2006

Am I being negative or does it sound as though the suggestions/questions/wishes of those you carried with you to that meeting were "shinned on"?

Also, please folks, bear in mind as though incredible as the work Pete Fish and his crews have done, there are also many other volunteers who have given literally hundreds of their hours to the pct also (John Lyons, for one).

Thanks much,

are we there yet
Regarding:  more bear boxes in Kings/Sequoia - highly unlikely.
              :  going out and back via Whitney Portal - your thru-hike permit does not cover the Whitney Trail in Inyo. Go out at Cottonwood or Kearsarge.
              :  bear canisters:  - you must carry where required. An ursack may not satisfy all jurisdictions.
                                        -  rent programs from Kennedy Meadows north are an excellent resource.
                                        -  consider keeping your canisters through the Tahoe Basin due to increasing bear activity.
              :  Signage:  Brands on wood only in Wilderness.
                                Polycarbonate PCT signs otherwise.
              :  Mileage complaints on trail signs evoked laughter and grins from everyone.  A work in progress....
              :  More Rangers and less new trucks - not in the budget.  >From an administrative point of view, they can never have enough volunteers to help out. Many thanks to Pete Fish!
              :  Permits - follow PCTA recommendations.  Carry one.  Don't b.s. the ranger if you don't.  These rangers are just like you, personally; they just have an authoritative job to do.

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