[pct-l] 35 calories for dinner?

DAVCATDAV at aol.com DAVCATDAV at aol.com
Mon Sep 18 00:44:14 CDT 2006

Ordered what was advertised as 33 dinners for less than 30 bucks from Maple  
Leaf Foods...what I received was a number 10 can with three packages...Chicken 
a  la King, Texas chili and Patriot Pie...total calories was less than 
3000..The  "Texas Chili" was advertised as 10 servings..the entire package contained 
350g  of calories...shoot...350 calories is a halfway passible meal for one 
person  after a 20 mile day hike...this is a Canadian company...look for Canada 
to  pretty quickly starve to death come Armagedon

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