[pct-l] Captain America & Thunderdome

lindyport at aol.com lindyport at aol.com
Sat Sep 16 21:33:01 CDT 2006

 Donna;Georgi;Ed, et al . . . 
Jon and Conor got stranded in the WA mountains for 3 days in the snow storm. 2 guys and a dog in a tent for 3 days.  The boys stayed in the bags, Sophie wore Jon's fleece. They called today and wanted an update on Stehekin & Manning Park fire/closures/conditions.  We couldn't come up with any pertinent info down here in FL, so were hoping you might have some info we can pass on when they check in tomorrow.  They hiked back to Snoqualmie and were warming up at the Summit for the night.  Thanks for any help.  Linda
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