[pct-l] New Bill in the US House today

Jon Danniken danniken at comcast.net
Sat Sep 16 12:43:51 CDT 2006

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From: "Ron Moak" <rmoak at sixmoondesigns.com>
> You chastise others for their deviation of the "proper" use of the list.
> wish to make sure it's pure PCT related. In the meantime you have a
> one on one banter and then post pictures of yourself. Neither of which is
> PCT related. Obviously you could have responded directly and spared the
> of us your post.
> Now if you don't want to read about politics, what makes you think others
> want to read about your drivel?
> Personally I don't care what you post, political or otherwise, as long
> well written, and reasonability related to the PCT.
> I'd just recommend you not chastise others for your own sins.

Sorry to upset you, Ron, but I didn't think my picture would be construed by
anyone as being divisive, as political topics are, which was the point I was

I guess it depends on the degree of "purity" you want on this list.
Personally, I enjoy reading about the people on this list and their
adventures, but see arguing about the current political themes of the day as
being that which is innapropriate.

Obviously you take a more sterile view of this list, one which I do not
share.  Whatever floats your boat.

I apologize to anyone else I may have offended by my callous waste of
bandwidth involving my picture and "friendly banter".


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