[pct-l] New Bill in the US House today

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That's OK your apologize is accepted. again your pictures are great,  there 
were no pictures of you.. I put then in my Archive Sounded like a great  trip. 
I liked the description I did part of that section brought back  memories

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From: <Lonetrail at aol.com>
> If the  topic "New Bill in the US House today" by ED is not political   then
> you tell me what it is.  The argument should be with ED not  me.  Is it not
> you call a political mix or is a political  mix what you conceive  in your
> mind.
> I really feel  it has nothing to do with the PCT but just politics and
> not  be allowed on our list. .. But then again if  you agreed  with  the
> political post  "New Bill in the US House today"    My I quote You "It is a
matter of
> respect for the other  participants here on the  list, a list which is
> the  Pacific Crest Trail, and not about divisive  partisan politics.   There
> many venues for politics around the web, if  such is  what you seek, but
> needs to be places where those discussions  do  not bleed over into the
> relevant subject  matter"

Lonetrail, you have the point I was trying to make completely  backwards.  I
apologize if I did not make myself clear enough to be  readily  understood.


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