[pct-l] Stevens Pass to Goat Rocks hike (pics!)

Deems losthiker at sisqtel.net
Thu Sep 14 20:05:33 CDT 2006

PCT hikers,
I've spent the last week uploading my photos, and replenishing lost beer 
reserves since I've returned home from my 16day--200mile hike on the PCT 
from Stevens Pass to the Goat Rocks Wilderness. I placed my last PCT step at 
Cispus Pass last Saturday with Monte Dodge among a large herd of mountain 
goats. Monte was my trail angel, and was instrumental in making this trip a 
grand success, and I thank him greatly. I took my first step on the PCT in 
1976, and would have hiked this section on my way from Seiad Valley to 
Canada if my knees and mind were working in unison. However, to make a long 
story short, with the current old body and experienced mind, I had a grand 
first adventure in Washington. The PCT and weather were a formidable 
challenge, with the hills, heat, cold, rain, wind, and snow. I met close to 
two dozen of this year's thruhikers while I hiked south, and a few section 
hikers also. I shared this adventure with my high spirited 18month old Jack 
Russell terrier "Kelly", and she is becoming a very accomplished trail dog. 
Our miles varied from 8 to 16miles per day, no marathon thruhiker mile days, 
and we arrived in camp every day feeling tired, happy, and dusty. Kelly is 
my third trail dog, and  appears to become my best yet. I can help others 
with trail dog questions off line if needed.  Washington is an incredibly 
beautiful place to hike through, and I wonder why I waited so long!. The 
current fires only added to the intensity of the sunsets and sunrises in my 
photos. I have them all loaded, and sorted, but some labelling and deleting 
my still be occurring. If you feel like spending some time watching my 
latest adventure,  feel free, and enjoy. Hikon!

A funny afterthought:: I only saw about 30 feet of bear tracks on the 
200miles of trail total, in Mount Rainier NP.  Well, I got home late on Sat 
nite, and by Sunday morning I had muddy bear paw prints on my pickup truck 
that showed a bear trying to figure out how to get to Monte's peaches and 
spilled beer in the back of my truck.  Bears are where you find them, and 
I've got plenty to share with ya here!



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