[pct-l] Trail/Hiker concerns answered?

Jon Danniken danniken at comcast.net
Thu Sep 14 19:49:49 CDT 2006

From: "Deems" <losthiker at sisqtel.net>
> - simple permit process
I don't find getting the required permit all that difficult - just obtain it
from pcta.org or the National Forest headquarters where you "put in".

>     -  more bear boxes
People should be providing for their own solutions WRT bears.  Whether this
means an ursack, a bearvault, or hanging, you need to be self-sufficient in
this regard.

>     -  possibility of backcountry resupply at Ranger Stations...
There seems to be a pretty good system in place now.

>     -  trail signage and mileage accuracy
Not necessary.  Hikers need to be adept in their ability to read a map and
use a compass anyway..  They also need to do enough of their own research so
that they understand the distances and elevations involved before they ever
leave their house.


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