[pct-l] Trail/Hiker concers answered?

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I second adding bear boxes to the 60 mile stretch through the Inyo National Forest along the PCT/JMT.  

Quite happily, I saw four backcountry rangers and a supervisor on the trail during my JMT hike.  An excellent book on the topic is "The Last Season" by Eric Blehm, which is the non-fiction account of the disappearance of Backcountry Ranger Randy Morgensen.  This excellent book was recently donated to the hiker library by Barbara Chambers (aka Nellie Bly), Scrambler's Mom.  Not only did the places I'd fallen in love with in the high Sierra come alive in the pages of the book, I'd actually met some of the rangers.  


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>- simple permit process
>    -  more bear boxes
>    -  possibility of backcountry resupply at Ranger Stations...
>    -  trail signage and mileage accuracy
>All of the above are good questions needing answers or deserving thought. A 
>simple one would be to add more bear boxes in the missing PCT sections of 
>Yosemite and Kings Canyon NP to allow the Thruhikers to feel more legal for 
>not carrying a can. I remember that the 50+ northernmost PCT miles in KCNP 
>have no bear boxes. Remote resupply options would be an added icing on the 
>cake... however toogoodtobetrue... Trail signage and mileage accuracy seems 
>like a non issue to the experienced adventurer.. I just finished a few miles 
>on the PCT in Washington, and I heard a 2006 Thruhiker mention he had seen 
>only 1 wilderness ranger during his full hike (Sierra). I saw none in 
>Washington, even tho I got a Wilderness permit at each sign in TH box I saw. 
>Wilderness Rangers seem to be another disappearing tradition with the usfs.. 
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