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We've  gone down this road before.  Every mailing-list/newsgroup/forum
goes  down this road.  It takes conscious effort by everyone on a list
to  keep it on topic.  Lists exist to *focus* discussion on a  particular
topic.  To the extent that the focus becomes lost, the list  becomes
less interesting and less useful.

I'm trying not to take  sides with respect to the politics, I'm
just saying 'please stay on  topic'.

The topic was about forest fires by Wayne Kraft. Here is his question
The question that needs answering is,  
why are we experiencing  record fire years one year after another?   
What caused these  conditions to develop?  Could/Should something have  
been done  differently in the management of this resource?  I don't  
know  this area or that subject matter well enough to know the answer,  
but I  am interested in hearing the answers and I think these  
questions  should be asked until there are some.

Wayne Kraft
Here is my answer, which I think is an honest and a dam good one. If the  
truth hurts, so be it. I posted this in the spring without any back lash. If in  
doubt please call up the Montana Go. Brian  Schweitzer. I also have a few 
friends who just returned from Iraq who will  verify it also. Radar I can get you 
a seat in one of those Oregon National  Guards Chinook helicopters  in 
Afghanistan,  just were do I send the application for the Oregon National  Guards.

Lack of Troops to fight forest fires. 
The war against terrorism or for overseas oil  means fewer National Guard 
troops may be  available to fight wildfires in the drought stricken Pacific 
Northwest this  summer, state and Defense Department officials say. 
National Guard troops help during major wildfires, but nearly 60% of  Montana’
Troops are in Iraq,  all the Oregon National Guards Chinook helicopters are 
in Afghanistan, and 40% of Idaho’s 4,300 troops are  deployed overseas, state 
officials say. 
Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer recently asked that all troops be returned  to 
fight fires to National Guard Commander Lt. Gen H. Steven Blum. 
Oil means more then  trees 

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