[pct-l] The JMT ''a love affair''

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Wed Sep 13 09:51:48 CDT 2006

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reinholdmetzger at cox.net writes:

Only the  JMT brings out the beast in me.

You  remind me of the turtle criticizing the rabbit for going to fast and  not
enjoying his journey.
You ought to try going 45-50 miles a day  someday, it is much more panoramic,
you get to see 4-5 times as much  scenery in a given day, and the challenge
is very  satisfying.

LOL...  I may remind you but that wasn't my intention.   I  understand about 
being able to see more in any given day by hiking longer or  faster and about 
challenges, but no, I wasn't aware  you've hiked all the  trails in the 
Sierras.  I was just reminded of people that hike the AT  again and again and again 
without trying something else.
Want something new, Sierra like?  Try the Wind RiverRange....

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