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The worst sections for dogs are those without shade and water and those that
are very hot. If you start from the North, for the most part you have water,
shade, and reduced heat. However, if there is lots of snow, post holing can
be terrible for dogs - and the ice can cut their paws (you can get booties).
There are some very long, waterless sections in southern Oregon and around
the Hat Creek Rim in California, but otherwise it might not be so bad. But,
I wouldn't take the dog south of Lake Tahoe, if that far. Once you reach
Sonora Pass you get into National Parks - no dogs. And then, you get into
extreme heat and desert.

Be kind to your dog.

Marshall Karon
Portland, OR

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My husband and I are planning a south-bound thru-hike of the PCT, starting 
July 2007. We have a beloved golden retriever-mix named Olive who we really 
want to bring with us. I know there are some areas of trail where dogs are 
not permitted, and we're concerned about transportation and lodging issues 
as well during resupply stops. Is there anyone who has hiked with their dog 
who could share pros and cons, as well as any tips? Or are there any other 
resources with this kind of info? We could leave Olive with family if we 
absolutely had to, but she loves being a trail dog and we want to bring her 
if at all possible.

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