[pct-l] Rainy Pass alternate route

Kenneth Schwarz ksksksks at cox.net
Tue Sep 12 19:46:40 CDT 2006

I looked up the North Cascades National Park website and there was some new information and mileages on the alternate route to Canada.
It did not give mileage from Rainy Pass to trail 756, but I think it's about 10 miles. Trail 756 to 729 is 6.6 miles. Trail 729 to 754 is 7 miles. Trail 754 to East Bank Trail is 5 miles. East Bank Trail to Hozomeen is 33 miles. From Hozomeen to Hope, BC is 40 miles on a gravel road. You can get a water taxi back down Ross Lake to the Lodge and Hwy 20. Boulder Creek Trail, 729, has not been maintained for 5-10 years! Expect downed trees and brushy conditions. Another alternate suggested was to hike southwest on trail 756 to Hwy 20 (10.6 miles). Road walk Hwy 20 to Canyon Creek (3 miles) Then the 33 miles up East Bank Trail to Hozomeen.
I personally am going to wait out the fire, even if it means doing it next year, so I can finish at the monument. Good luck to all.   Ken

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