[pct-l] The JMT ''a love affair''

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I think we have a new trail and list name for you:  Must Go!

Keep on keeping on.


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Reinhold Metzger wrote:
> It started as a challenge in the summer of 1996.
> The challenge became a puppy love; the puppy love turned into true love and
> every summer since she has been calling me.
> So here it is, 12:15 AM on top of Mt. Whitney........She is calling me.
> I try to sleep, but I can't.    My mind is on the John Muir Trail instead.
> I see Forester Pass, I see Muir Pass, I see the Palisades, I see Rae Lake,
> Garnet Lake, Thousand Island Lake, Banner, Ritter, and the Minarets.
> I try to resist but the lure is too strong...I MUST GO...I MUST GO...I
> And go I did,  faster than I ever did.
> At 12:45 AM, Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2006, I step out of the Whitney hut on to
> the John Muir Trail heading north to Yosemite in quest of a sub five
> unsupported trek of the JMT and break the current unsupported record of 5
> days 7 hours, 45 minutes.
> At 9 PM,  two mountain passes and 45 miles  later, I arrive at Wood Creek.
> On my prior JMT marathons I always stopped at Wood Creek the first night.
> Not this time kido.  You have to make it over Pinchot Pass and keep on
> going.
> 11:30 PM - disaster, almost at the top of Pinchot, I step on a loose rock,
> take a nasty fall and sprain my ankle, bruise my thigh, and bloody my knee.
> I decide to stop for for the night and access my  condition in the morning.
> 6 AM - I can walk but not very fast and jogging is out of the question.  My
> sub-five JMT is over.
> I decide to bail out via Sawmill Pass, the closest exit route.
> I promised my wife this would be my last JMT marathon......"You said that
> the last time....and the timebefore that....and the two times before
> that,"...
> my wife counters.
> "We'll see"......but I tend to agree with her that at one month shy of  66,
> I'm getting too old for those JMT marathons and it's best to leave it to the
> younger generation to improve upon  my time.
> Oh, I will still hike the JMT, after all....IT'S MY BABY....but at a slower
> pace.
> Even though I failed in my attempt of an unsupported sub five JMT, my
> records of 5 days 10 hours set in 2003 and 5 days 7 hours 45 minutes set
> in  2004 still stand
> FOREVER................HER  CALL  WILL  NEVER  END.
> JMT Reinhold
> Your hopelessly in love with the JMT trail companion
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