[pct-l] The Places In Between

dsaufley at sprynet.com dsaufley at sprynet.com
Sun Sep 10 15:34:26 CDT 2006

One of our neighbors loaned us a copy of Rory Stewart's "The Places In Between", about his experiences and observances walking across the central route of Afghanistan in 2002, two weeks after what experts claimed was the fall of the Taliban.  Made me think of Sly, who I know walked also walked across Afganistan in much different times.  In it Stewart, (a Scot, writer and anthropological historian), writes:

"I thought about evolutionary historians who argued that walking was a central part of what it meant to be human . . . As a species, we colonized the world on foot.  Most of human history was created through contacts conducted at walking pace, even when some rode horses . . . Bruce Chatwin concluded from all this that we would think and live better and be closer to our purpose as humans if we moved continually on foot across the surface of the earth."  

I'll second that.


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