[pct-l] Looking for Mike Mallory

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I checked the register, and found that Mike came through here on 6/20.  He did not leave his email address in the register or on the '06 email contact list (which is a record six pages long!!).  Nate, Aaron, Natalie, Squatch, and I saw Mike coming down from Forrester Pass on July 1, and again at Vidette Meadow that same evening.  He got up at 4:00 a.m., hiked fast, and alone.  He talked quite a bit with Whiptail while here, but seemed to be under the radar otherwise.  


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>Hey hikers,
>My friend and I found a camera on the trail in the North Cascades betweeen
>Cathedral Pass and Deception Pass that belongs to Mike Mallory. We met him a
>few days earlier and all we know is that he's from Seattle. Does anybody
>know about him, an e-mail address for him or another way to get his camera
>back to him? I'm sure he wants his PCT pictures.
>Thanks so much. You can reply directly to me.
>-- Randy (Sexy Otter)
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