[pct-l] Callahan's

Corky Corcoran corcoran at corky.cc
Sun Sep 10 13:09:05 CDT 2006

Enjoyed the food at Callahan's, and the waitress was great.  The 
owner came out to talk to us as we were leaving, and I found him to 
be sincere and interesting.

Except for those bright spots, the experience was grim  Dealt with 
the fellow behind the desk, and a woman who appeared to be the 
manager.  I do NOT believe she was the wife of the owner.  The desk 
guy was determined to make things as difficult as possible on an 
ongoing basis even though we were 3 older guys, cash basis, one of us 
hurt and needing to lay down.  Neither of the two people working the 
desk were honest about the accommodations, time room would be 
available, or charges.  Seemed to be a system problem, not 
isolated.  They were not shocked when discrepancies were pointed out, 
merely smiled and repeated themselves.  Told him we needed one of the 
rooms with 2 beds.  Finally got there, was one bed. Told him.  Smile 
- "None of the rooms down there have 2 beds".  We asked for one of 
the rooms to have two beds.  Same smile - "None of the rooms down 
there have 2 beds."  How would we know that?  Smile, no trace of 
sorrow - "I'm sorry, none of the rooms down there have 2 beds.".

There was no problem we couldn't have lived with.  What irritated us 
the most were their smirks as these and other problems unfolded, 
including when the charges coming to substantially more than we were told.

To make a long story a bit shorter,  none of the three of us would go 
back to Callahan's unless very, very desperate.  Would plan a trip to 
blow by there and find an ant colony next to a friendly slough for 
the night instead.

And, I truly found the owner to be charming.  Didn't go into our tale 
of woe with him, as we were loaded into the back of a pickup for a 
welcome ride to the trailhead when he came out to say goodbye.


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