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enyapjr at adelphia.net enyapjr at adelphia.net
Sun Sep 10 07:25:04 CDT 2006

>Does anyone have an opinion of  TarpTent's new Contrail tent?  I really like
>the quick/simple setup time  and the 24 ounce weight.
>Thanks, Switchback

I haven't seen one 'up close and personal' as yet, only online - but...

The Contrail looks very good and promising to me, 'unfortunately' I bought a Virga 2
when it first came out (which I am 'happy' with - for now!) - so I will have to wait
to get a Contrail.  :-(
Evidently the Virga 2 will go out of production and will be replaced by the Contrail...
If both had been available when I bought the Virga 2, I would have purchased the
Contrail from what info is currently available...
Looks like easier/faster setup, possibly better through ventilation, easier entry/exit
with full setup, and trekking pole at front can be "tip side up or handle side up"...
The 'floorless' Contrail is listed as being 4 oz. lighter...

For more, see <http://www.tarptent.com/contrail.html>

BackpackingLight has a 'sneak preview' (members only, though) at

Switchback, you being an ultimate gearhead, why don't you buy one  ;-)  and give
us your personal review - with the usual Switchback charm and flair, of course!

Happy trails (and happy gear hunting)!!!

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