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Sat Sep 9 18:15:37 CDT 2006

I've had 2 bear encounters on the PCT using an Ursack. In Lyell Canyon in 
'02 and in Goat Rocks Wilderness in '03.

On both occassions a bear came into camp after dark looking for food. In 
each case they came close enough to hear, giving me the opportunity to chase 
them off. However, the Lyell Canyon bear was in no hurry to leave empty 
handed and sauntered off at it's own pace, regardless of how 'animated' I 

In neither case did the bear get anywhere near my food. That's because it 
stays in my pack and my pack I use for a pillow. Yes, indeed, this is an 
incredibly stupid way to handle your food, but I'm an incredibly stupid 
person so it works great for me. I 'insist' a bear ask for my food, if it 
wants it.

I use my Ursack primarily for rodents. It's *great* for that. An Ursack 
that's not tied down is simply a shopping bag for the bear. You make it's 
job much easier to cart off ALL your food in one easy trip.

Scott Parks

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