[pct-l] Whoa Nelli Deli - Tioga Gas Mart

jape at nethere.com jape at nethere.com
Wed Sep 6 14:25:09 CDT 2006

Sarah knows whereof she speaks...and it was too bad that I read her mail
during lunch.  I had to look up the menu at the link below...be sure to
scroll to the end of the page.  I think trail pirates might be planning a
total ransack of such a fabulous eatery.


Quoting msarahm at cox.net:

> <snip>
> If you go across Tioga Pass, don't forget to eat a gourmet dinner at the
> gas station at the east end of the Tioga Pass road.  A gas station is an
> unlikely place for gourmet food and fine wine, but that only adds to the
> entertainment value of the experience.

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