[pct-l] who needs Canuck help??

shane quesnel alpineexperience at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 6 13:18:07 CDT 2006

can some one tell me where the pack is right now...and when the majority of 
hikers will be at manning,, I have already planted a canadian suprize at the 
terminus,, but i want to come see some familular faces, and come celebrate a 
hike well done.
,,,,I cant offer a place to stay in vancouver,,,but i can show any one 
around on a free tour,,, go rock climbing/hiking/sight seeing/ drinking/
I now live in a condo , so ill be able to get some friends in the hot tubs, 
sauna, or pool,, ,

Please be catious coming to the boarder, there are fires all around that 
much trail love, from your canadian bro ,, Canuck :)

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